New starts. New ventures. New me?

Sometimes we need to take a little break from the things we love to fully appreciate them when we get back, after all – absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Sometimes taking that break makes us realise just how much we miss that thing or, in some instances, it might make us realise that that thing was neither use nor ornament, utilised to simply fill a void or to act as something to do.

For me, I guess I’ve never fully appreciated this whole idea of ‘giving something/someone space’ because when I love something so dearly I grasp onto it for fear of losing it. As I’m getting older, hitting 23 two weeks ago, I guess I’m finally accepting this concept and trying to integrate it into my everyday life, after all, the pain felt after losing someone or something after you’ve essentially pushed them out lingers far longer than that when there’s no one or nothing to blame. Relationships, work, family, yourself, sometimes it really is just better to loosen the strings and let nature take its course (but by all means, if you know you can save something then do intervene).

I am by no means new to blogging. I started properly blogging back in May 2012 but, due to unforeseen circumstances (and a rather messy breakup) I decide to retire that one and have a little break. I missed blogging and so a few months after retiring in February 2013 I created a new one which lasted a whole month? I wasn’t ready to return and I felt like such a pretentious so-and-so with my ‘newfound’ blog that was basically two-fingers up at the ex-boyfriend to say “look, I can do it without you”. Alas, it failed, but I’ve had such a yearning to come back and reconnect with my old blogging buddies, put my life down on paper (or the internet as it so happens to be, although I may occasionally fall back on the more traditional blogging methods… Only if there is cake and a cup of tea though – got to keep it classic!), and finally get my dreams out of my little head space and for some full-blown planning to commence.

It’ll have been a year in October since I’ve been out of education (that’s four years, BSc and MSc!) and I hold my hands up – I just haven’t made use of the time. My visions of walking into a job were popped within weeks of finishing, job applications rejected, a few invitations to interview (one that I actually went to and it was so close), but nothing materialised. So what does a marine biologist/ecologist do when they can’t find work and they’re having a bit of a quarter life crisis?


That’s what happens.

But more on that later…



  1. Hey Rache, i dont really know you but iv been following you for the past year and iv noticed that you are not there anymore, glad that you are back and i know that u r a strong girl and you will pass it all :)
    just try to get away from everything and chill for a while.


    1. Thank you so much Saef - I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner, all my comments disappeared because I'd enabled Google+ comments (which totally screwed up everything!) x

  2. Oh I love it...clean page, new start. Everything's there in front of you to be grabbed - I can't wait to find out what happens next...



    1. Thank you love! New pages, new starts, clean slate, new adventures... I'm excited! x



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