Adelaide: dolphins, gardens, and a cheap hostel

Oh Adelaide. You truly set the benchmark when it comes to cheap accommodation. As soon as we arrived we were on the hunt for a hostel. I didn't particularly want to stay in the centre, I know we were only there for a short visit but the prices of the rooms there were hitting $30+ a night and it just wasn't fitting the budget when we could stay in the outskirts for $25. So, Port Adelaide it was. I had absolutly no problem with this area, it was nice and quiet, it was right on the waterfront (and you know me and water), and the hostel we found was clean, tidy, cheap, and relatively new so, if you're ever in the area please stay at the rather aplty named Port Adelaide backpackers.
So, finding a place for the next few nights was knocked off the checklist. The next thing we needed to do was check out the area and find some food. Now don't get me wrong, Port Adelaide had a lot of charm but it was like a ghost town... It's an up and coming area so give it a couple of months and I reckon this place will be pretty bustling but for now it was a quiet little haven outside of Adelaide itself. Anyway, we found a little Greek place (I can't remember what it was called but it was on the main strip behind the backpackers) and indulged in some food. Yes it was kind of out our budget but heck, it was the first proper decent meal in a week and we'd just landed some cheap accommodation. We just couldn't resist. Since we still had the car for the night we had one last evening there after a few drinks by the waterfront. Bliss.
The time came to wave goodbye to the trusty KIAs, the cars that had been our home for one of the best weeks of my life. As soon as they were gone we got ourselves checked in to the backpackers, dropped our bags off, showered, got changed, and started the day. Time to explore... Or... Shall I say time to find a laundrette. Never mind, it meant we could have a few drinks whilst we were waiting (standard procedure). We had a few drinks that evening, met up with two of the troops who'd stayed in Adelaide city, and then went for a pretty amazing Indian.
The next day we waved goodbye to Blair who was off to Melbourne to meet his girlfriend and we went into Adelaide CBD to have a good explore. It was scary - honestly - because we hadn't really seen people in the masses since before the roadtrip and boy it was different. It actually made me nervous! The city was actually kind of beautiful in a way although I think think all that much of it. We did manage to hop on a tram though and visit the botanical gardens after much drama with the bus (who knew there wouldn't be a stop for at least 10 minutes).

Back to Port Adelaide we went for a little trip to see the dolphins. How exciting! It was dirt cheap (as I remember less than $10?) and although the weather was pretty dull we did get so see some dolphins and catch sight of an abandoned power station... It brought back very fond memories of exploring Fremantle's infamous landmark.

We had a few relaxing days anyway, we managed to see what we came to see, eat some food, save a few pennies by eating at the hostel a few times (including one of the best versions of beans on toast I've ever had - kudos!!), kick some ass (and then get my ass kicked) on Black Ops I, and finish off some of the vodka whilst watching some movies, but it was time to move on with a night bus to Melbourne. Hey, it wasn't particularly comfy but we managed to get through some more Breaking Bad, catch a little bit of sleep (although the quality of said sleep wasn't very good), and arrive in Melbourne for just $60...


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