A taste of autumn

Yesterday was one of those utterly perfect days, the right balance between doing nothing and something. It's very rare that the mothership and I venture out on walks, simply because we never have the time to do so particularly as Saturdays are spent working and Sundays appear to be the cleaning days. Still, as I got back from work at 9pm on Saturday we decided that we'd go for a nice little amble to take a few snaps of the English soil that I'm going to miss once I go on my little adventure, take in the autumn air, and get away from the house for a little while.

Upon waking up yesterday morning I knew that it was going to be a good day. Yes, my headaches were still the bane of my existence (the sooner this is sorted the better, I can't cope with it) and the sporadic brain fog was really getting me down, but with the sunlight that was radiating into my room I knew I had a choice. I could either stay at home feeling sorry for myself, or I could give myself a little kick up the bum and venture outside no matter how rubbish I was feeling. Needless to say I did the latter and we had a lovely little hour and a bit walking around Risley Moss, our local nature reserve, site of special scientific interest, and little patch of calm. Bliss. Between walking the path, taking in the distinctive smell of nature, and getting on my hands and knees to take photos of fungi and dragonflies (naturally), I found a little of myself again...

(all images in this post were taken by me, please do not use without credit! If you do decide to use any images a little comment to say you have done so would be appreciated!)


  1. I hope your headaches get better soon, I know all too well about how debilitating they can get..
    Your pictures look fantastic xxx

    1. Thanks Nicola - and me too. It's just getting silly now because I feel that the people at work think I'm just hungover or something because I just look and feel tired and crappy all of the time. Fingers crossed I can get to the bottom of it at the next doc appointment in a week. Love, xxx



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