21 days to go...

For the first time in what seems like an age I'm lay surrounded by bubbles and actually enjoying this moment to myself. Calm, relax, sipping a camomile tea, I feel so... At ease... That's how it should be.

Today marks the official start of the three week countdown. Yikes. In fact by the time I get to post this I suspect it'll have already notched down a day. 20... 19... 18... I think it'll definitely hit hard when I reach two weeks, particularly when I realise that weekend will be spent in London Town (how exciting!!)

Anyway, back to the bath. It's very important you see.

Asides from ticking a number of things off the checklist today (unfortunately those costly things - insurance, bah) I think my headaches are finally subsiding. I can't believe it! I had my first appointment with the doctor on the 1st October and it's taken this long for one to go "oh, it could be sinusitis" (alongside tension headaches - yay). I HAD suggested that a week ago but never mind.... At least it should clear up by the time I go away so it won't affect my diving (of which I need to book, *makes mental note*).

Another thing that drew my attention today... For most of the day... I'm not joking... Is a wonderful fishing game called "what's the catch?" I absolutely love it but warning, it's addictive (at least it is for a budding marine biologist like myself). It basically works on the fishing predicament, pleasing both fishermen and environmental bodies. The game starts off easy, you follow where the fish stocks are and then you head back to the port where you land them, obtain money, and go out again. You do this as many times as you can before a storm comes. Simple. Each time you fish continually in an area the target-species density decreases are you're forced to exploit other areas.

Then it gets a little more difficult, or complicated should I say.

In come fines for catching non-target species. Unfortunately, and these actually do mimic real life, the benefit of fishing in large amounts with fishing gear that doesn't discriminate one fish species from another often outweighs the consequence. A puny fine compared to a large profit margin. Nicht gut, and something I don't like at all.

Then comes the no take zones. These I like, and the fine for fishing in these areas is HIGH, however you can still land the catch. Then reduced fishing quotas and shorter fishing seasons comes into play and you start to really see that fishing more selectively benefits both fisherman and environmentalist greatly.

That was my afternoon.

Hey, at least it was educational right? You can play "What's the Catch?" here :-) Enjoy!

Rache, xX


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