Rainy days, digital downtime, and the four C's.

Well hasn’t today been a complete wash out? This morning the sun was shining, the air felt warm, I even coupled my jeans with my favourite sandals when I went to go and get my parcel waiting for me at the sorting office. After my little accident with my phone I was left internet-less for most of today (thankfully the little thing is working right as rain now, touch wood) and as I took a wrong turn this morning I realised I needed to get back to check directions and pick up my blood test sheet too. Silly Raché, head in the clouds again. Driving for me at the moment isn’t the best of things I can do, my vision is pretty blurry and I have a constant headache which fills like someone is twisting my brain or picking at it… It’s not fun and after a week or so it is leaving me pretty useless at anything that requires brain function. I can however still cook, clean, and generally ramble on, just anything that requires concentration is a big no-no (and work, that just cripples me further). The fact I can’t concentrate on reading for too long or doing any tedious tasks such as looking at internal flights/transport options in Thailand is a killer for me at the moment.

Another spanner has been thrown into the works too with regards to Australia. I was originally hoping to be staying with a relative for a few weeks whilst I found my feet but as it isn’t a ‘good time’ for me to stay when I’m flying out I guess I’ll be going down a different route. Perth was going to be my little base for seeing a teeny bit of Western Australia. I was only going to go as far up as Shark Bay/ Monkey Mia but even that’s going to cost an arm and a leg, at least when I’m visiting the other territories I’ve got my Greyhound pass for 10,000km. I could theoretically get another 5k km added on (I’ve not actually bought the pass yet) but as I would literally be going up the coastal road and back down again I wouldn’t be able to use the pass for that.

Anyway, that’s for another day.

As my head has been out-of-action, I thought my phone was dying the death (thankfully it is OK but I didn’t enjoy my little digital blackout once I was out of the house), and the weather took a turn for the worse I thought what better way to spend the afternoon than listening to one of my favourite bands – Counting Crows – and cooking. Cooking something for dinner was out of the question, my poor ickle brain wasn’t up for multitasking with various pots and pans of vegetables, meat, crazy things (always happens), so I opted for a perfect soup for this time of year… Carrot and coriander (get where my four C’s are coming from now?!) – I’ve already been called the Queen of Soups before but this just definitely hits the nail on the head with tasty goodness, I’m almost excited to have some at work tomorrow even though I know that won’t be a happy affair. 

Taking in the scent of my Yankee Candle (oh, another C), and sipping my coffee before realising it is stone cold (another one…) I’m trying to be a little kinder to myself. My body, my heart, my soul, I need to treat my body more like a temple and less like the desolate bus station you get dropped off at with the 50 or so other people, right smack bang in the middle of nowhere. I’m trying to fill my body with vitamins and nutrients, knowing the exercise has taken a nose-dive into oblivion and being totally OK with that fact, trying to nurse myself back to good health with plenty of fruits and vegetables, eating what my body needs and not what I think it want (this article illustrates this so perfectly), and giving myself a break. I think I’m trying to realise that this life is for living, but it’s okay if you have to put it on the back burner at times. It’s not always “go, go, go” and that’s perfectly okay, in fact it’s perfectly normal. If it wasn’t then we’d all be running around full speed ahead, trying to win the race without stopping the smell the roses or observing the true beauty of the life that we live. Now, I’ve just talked the talk but I need to learn to walk the walk and actually put this into practice.

No more running around, take it all at your own pace, no one is going to lap you, and you certainly aren’t going to lap anyone else. Breathe, be kind, and everything else will fall into place.


  1. Take your time sweetie and go gently. Healing is pretty much impossible if you are not being kind to yourself...
    I would have the headaches checked out and maybe invest in a session of energy healing? Acupuncture or kinesiology...something like that to maybe help the whole picture...
    Thinking of you lots sweetie xxxxx



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