Ostrich-mode engaged.

Please please will someone give me the kick up the backside I'm so desperately in need of? I can't emphasise how much I need someone to just grab my hand in theirs, smile sweetly, look at me in both eyes, and say with a nice but firm tone "Rach, you need to snap out of this!!"

I don't know what's hit me - that wall I was on about the other day maybe, the depleting amount of green tea in my cupboard, the money that just doesn't seem to exist, or that my to-do list is no further to being complete than it was when I started it. The list itself isn't even complete! Instead I'm sat here, an impromptu day off work (an amalgamation of ailments that has combined into one big ball of bleurgh), my head banging (clearly from walking into figurative wall), the clock ticking (rather annoyingly might I add), googling - wait for it - no-bake mocha cookies. Don't they look delicious? Asides from this I've done absolutely nothing today except shift myself from bed, to sofa, to bed again, and in the middle of all that make myself a healthy breakfast (okay, nearly lunch but it was nice) and book myself in for a chat with the nurse about some travel vaccinations. Now I'm residing in the kitchen drooling over said cookies and wondering whether I have it in me to bake recreate these wonders... Surely...?

I'm progressing at true snail's pace re: travelling plans, heck I may even be travelling backwards. Is that at all possible? Plans I had to do my diving internship are slowly dwindling out - I'd love to do it (an eco internship by the way, not a divemaster's one) but do I really honestly have the money for it? I don't think so. Working it all out, if I stuck with the original plan, I'd be spending a week on Koh Tao (possible eight days) and it would cost me about 19,200 TBH which is approximately £382 excluding food. This would involve my Advanced Open Water course, buoyancy course, accommodation (4 nights free, the rest 300 THB per night), and then 1500 THB per day to do the conservation dives (works out 7500 THB in total for that). Now I've just sent an e-mail to Big Blue Conservation to see whether I can do any dives with them, but through their dive school the advanced course would be 8500 THB (£169) and free accommodation throughout the duration IF you're diving with them and you stay in one of the 6-bed dorms (which wouldn't bother me at all, I could always upgrade for 100THB which is only about £2). Doing it this way if I can get on with some conservation and fun dives would mean I'd also have a little freedom to spend maybe the last day exploring the island and then maybe even a day of sunbathing if I so wish. La vie est belle

Sending that e-mail has actually given me a little lease of life, either that of the green tea and antihistamine combo has kicked in (shame about the headache, be gone) and I feel a little more on top of everything. I do find that writing about my progression in travelling plans (however fast they may be going) is rather therapeutic. I'm trying to combine the exciting highs of travelling with the lows of the reality, with my life, the fact I absolutely love baking and food (despite my rather wobbly relationship with it), and that I deserve gold medals for my procrastinating. I might not be the best writer in the world, I certainly won't win any awards, but I know that I'm being true to myself and if anybody doesn't like that then, well, there's a nice little 'X' in the top right hand corner that you can press. I'm eternally grateful for the support I've received on this journey I'm embarking on and as soppy as it may be (I'll pass you a bucket don't worry) I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you!
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  1. Right that's it soldier! Get off that couch and stop feeling sorry for yourself! That's an order!

    So you had an off day, so what? We all do! So you did nothing all day, hey that's healthy once in a while! So your plans aren't going to plan, well go with plan B from the backpackers rule book which is - and I solemnly quote from the sacred texts - "sod it, we'll wing it, it'll all work out!"

    If you can't manage to do the full dive internship that you originally planned, head to Koh Tao anyway and go and have a chat with one of the hundreds of dive operations there and just do whatever is within your means. One of the best things about independent travel is that you have the absolute freedom to do that and change your plans. You may even find a better deal on the ground! And that way you will also have the freedom to just relax, which take my word for it, you will want to do when you hit Koh Tao!

    It will all work out, I know it will, and you will have the absolute time of your life!

    Now, if you want some advice on travel vaccinations remember I'm also a qualified charge nurse with a background in emergency and travel medicine as well as an occasional volunteer expedition medic, so feel free to drop me an email anytime with any questions you may have! I'll be glad to help.

    Oh, and I'll even let you indulge in your other passion and let you bake me some cookies! ;D I'm kind like that! Haha!

    And P.S I like your writing!



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