Procrastinating with experimental baking

Ladies and gentlemen, this is procrastinating at its very best. I am the master procrastinator or should I say in this instance procrastibaker, a fabulous term coined during my MSc where I swear I spent more time baking than studying (that would've explain the expanding waistline somewhat). I think I used to bake a couple of times a week, from little oat and banana muffins, to gluten-free banana breads (trying to reduce my gluten intake, see), to plain lemon sponges and carrot cakes. I even resorted to baking my boyfriend at the time's birthday cake as being a student I was poor as anything (granted, I still am). 

I was never very adventurous baking, I think I made up one recipe from scratch and they were the little oat/banana muffins. I thought they were quite nice, a little dry maybe but they were made in the smallest silicone muffin tray that it didn't really matter. They were practically bite-size.

Since I'm in work for the next two days I thought I'd have a really productive day, getting down to some more serious planning regarding my route in Thailand, e-mailing a few people (I need to make a mental note that one of them I definitely need to e-mail), and drinking copious amounts of tea since I've now exhausted the New Girl series. Instead, I've rediscovered True Blood, had coffee, made some glass noodles in a homemade duck stock, washed up about a million and one times, cooked a chilli for tonight, watched more True Blood, and baked. I'm now sat drinking a cup of masala chai, taking in the delicious spiced smell and writing this. Don't I live the most exciting life?

I've tried three of them (don't judge, two of them were only teeny tiny ones to taste the batter/dough) and I'm quite happy with how they've come out. I wouldn't say they're perfect but for a little breakfast 'muffin' I'm pleased, and besides they were a first attempt. I didn't totally make up the recipe because I'm still rubbish at gauging how much I need of what, but I based it loosely around this recipe here - I used 1 cup each of rye and spelt flour as the flour mixture, 1/2 cup of demerera sugar (instead of honey, I was making this vegan after all), 1/4 cup of coconut oil instead of the vegetable oil, added extra coffee (nearly 1/2 cup extra!), added 1/4 cup of unsweetened almond milk, and instead of using an egg I made up a flax egg (1 tbsp of milled flax/linseed plus 3 tbsp of water, whisked together then chilled for 15 minutes).

They aren't very sweet, they could probably do with more banana or some alternate flavour (I'm thinking apple and cinnamon next) but I'm happy and that's all that matters, right? Now, is it time for another cup of tea?


  1. Noting this recipe down!! Yummy!
    Oh and I wouldnt worry, the things that must must must get done will get done..and the other things.. well I wouldn't worry too much - they will be done in time xxx

    1. They're delicious lovely! I really should've done a proper recipe post but I wasn't sure how nice they would be. You're completely right by the way, what needs to be done will be done in due time, I need to really stop worrying about these things. Love xxx



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