Just me.

I guess I should start by introducing myself. I'm Rachel, a wannabe marine biologist/ecologist (I'm getting there - promise!), scuba diver (PADI Open Water), animal lover, gym rat, travel bunny, blogger, snap-happy, and maybe a little lost in the world.

I wanted to create this blog to try and document my dreams and hopefully one day make them a reality. I want to share my travelling adventures, my progression with work related whatnots, share some knowledge of the underwater world (I'll try not to bombard you with jargon), and throw some tasty (and relatively healthy!) recipes your way. All whilst hopefully not boring you to death!

Ciao for now.

La vie est belle.



Anonymous said...

Yo Whats your age 23?? just interested t know

Rachel Linaker said...

Not sure whether you'll get this comment or not but yes, I'm 23!

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