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Today has been one of those magical days where I have engaged in doing sweet nothingness, il dolce far niente. I had an extremely long overdue catch up with one of my best friends where we talked about everything, growing up and the woes of the teenage years, our incredible friendship which really has faced a million obstacles but always come up stronger, the next few weeks and how everything is going to change (for the better, marriage!), and life in general. It made me realise a couple of things. Firstly, it came to my attention that this was the first time in a long time where I had an unplanned day of pure catching up and giggles. Secondly, I realised (again!) just how special our friendship was, how it stood up to every challenge, how no matter what distance was between us we never drifted. Thirdly, and this hit me like a brick wall, I'm going to miss this girl more than she could imagine...

I've never been away from the people I love for great periods of time. Yes, I'd endured three years of university where I lived in Plymouth, nearly 300mi from my hometown, and then another year at York, and yes I'd been away on holiday without much contact with significant others...... But that isn't really on par with what's going to happen is it...?

Over 10,500 miles.

That's how far away I'll be. That's 35 times the distance I'd been before. On top of that is the time zone, 9 hours difference. That's going to take some getting used to. I know I'll manage, everyone else does right? But I wish I'd made more use of my time here to see those I love, to catch up and have fun, to have adventures and giggle until our tummies hurt, and to create those memories. I know I'm only going for a year and I know I've had some incredible memories already this year (with more to come in just over 2 weeks) but I'm always craving more: more time, more chances, more life.

I've not got long left before the big trip but I'm determined to start saying yes more. Yes to seeing my friends more, in the here and now. Yes to taking chances, talking risks, not worrying about money. Yes to trusting my gut instinct. Yes to being a better communicator. Yes to keeping a tight grasp of friendships, but also yes to letting them run their natural course - some aren't supposed to last forever. Yes to learning from mistakes and not being self-critical. Yes to dreaming big but working hard to make them a reality... My biggest yes?


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