Fremantle's Abandoned Power Station...

There are places in this world that you know you have to visit if you're in the vicinty right? A trip to London you need to see the parliament buildings, Big Ben, the bridge. Paris? The Arc du Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, the Louvre. Fremantle? The abandoned power station. You're not strictly allowed to go but that's what makes it all the more exciting.... Being chased out of the abandoned building, tail between legs, seriously out of breath, and heart beating at about 250 bpm wasn't exactly how I thought I'd be spending my afternoon after the night before (note: hangovers are instantly cured after such an adrenaline rush) but my gosh it was the most fun I'd had in a long time.

Picture the scene, friend wakes me up at about 10.30/11 reminding me we're meeting the boys to try and get into the power station, drunken and very shaken state has had very little sleep and cannot think of anything worse. Nevertheless, lifeless body is dragged out of bed, a panini from the local bakery is shoved down neck and a delicious coffee drank before jumping on the free CAT bus towards South Beach.

After a comfortable 20 or so minute walk the eerie looking power station comes into view. It was beautiful, unique, and it drew you in. I knew it was technically wrong what we were doing but to hell with the rules when so many people before us had made the same trip. Plus I can't deny an adventure and this place just cried out to be explored.

We arrived outside the building, eyeing up the hefty length of fence around it and wondering which way was best. A few friends before us had found an entry point so, with their guidance, we made our way over the broken tracks, the rubble, past graffiti laden walls, towards the conveniently broken fence along the beach side of the building.

It's now heritage listed - that probably explains the level of protection surrounding it to prevent trespassers - but the ease of entry just makes me wonder whether it's a ploy to make some money off those who haven't been so quick to get away. 

Eyeing up the entrance we noticed our lone little patrol officer keeping guard. Bugger! Not giving up we decided to kill some time and go for a swim in the sea.... Very fun when you've only got your denim shorts and underwear on. Not! 

Arriving back to the entrance our little fella had gone to do his rounds... That's when we bit the bullet and went for it. One by one we snuck through the broken fence, running to the shelter inside. My heart was in my throat - quite literally - and as soon as we entered I immediately got the shivers. There are so many rumours about the place being haunted and I can understand why. The air drops immediately upon entering yet plastic bottles and remnants of material still moves in the non-existent wind, the building groans around you, the broken glass cracks with every step*, and it has an incredible eerie feel about it all... The urban art inside is incredible however!

Unfortunately, we were in for no more than 10/15 minutes before our pal the patrol officer was back to the front, beeping his horn, and attempting to chase us out of the building. Age and clearly agility on our side we got away without any problems except for miss unfit over here who felt like she was going to sustain a myocardial infarction from the stress.... Oopsy! Maybe I should stick to less stressful activities... Or maybe not. You only live once!

*Please please if you go make sure you wear proper footwear!! 



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