Oh Australia, I love you.


There's something so perfect about sitting on some old driftwood with your feet tucked into the sand, the sound of the waves delicately crashing into the shore, the distinct smell of the ocean tantalising your senses; the seaweed, the salt, the sea. I've posted about my love for the ocean before when I went to Wales to see my old MEM crew but I'm finally on the other side of the world in Australia, listening to those waves, the sun beating down on my back, and there isn't another person on this little stretch of heaven. 

I'm currently in Freo or Fremantle as it's actually named. I've been booked into a hostel until I leave WA... The temptation to extend my visit is hitting hard. I was originally staying in Perth, it isn't exactly far - just north of the river - but when I went exploring around the city for a few hours I changed my mind. If I'd have gone straight into Perth I'm sure my opinion would've been different... I mean I stayed in the city in Singapore didn't I? A week in Baldivis, a suburb that is quickly expanding, and then a few days in Fremantle and I've rekindled my love for the quieter parts. Remember how I felt when I went from Bangkok to Chiang Mai? Exactly the same has happened here. 

On the 11th Jan I'll have been in Australia for a whole month - how?! Time is going by so crazy quick. I'm going to have to get a move on and get my regional work done so I KNOW I can come back for another year. There's no way I'm never returning to Australia. I love it! Such a happy, sunny, perfect lifestyle. I'm just in the process of paying for my 3rd week in Freo at the hostel and I'm heading for a two hour trial at a local restaurant tonight - Crikey. 

My days have been filled up with very little since I arrived. Too much money has been spent (as always, I need to watch my spending!) and I think my liver is starting to protest somewhat (I'm sorry!) but what fun I'm having!! I've, yet again, met an awesome group of people and when I DO need to say goodbye it'll be really sad. I don't even want to think about it.

Last weekend we headed to Lancelin and the Pinnacles for a crazy day out. I loved it! We started off with a few hours surfing and then followed up with a 4WD through the dunes which was insanely fun, at one point the car was practically standing on its nose into the sand. After that experience we had a little go at sandboarding, unfortunately we'd forgotten the candle to wax the boards so there was a little too much drag and we gave up!

Tomorrow we're off to a wine tour around the Swan Valley region! I'll be sure to take plenty of photos and try and update as soon as I can! 

Much love xX


  1. You look like you are having an AMAZING time! God I love Australia too and am so jealous, I could do with some of that sun and sand right now! x

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