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You know when you were told that you can have too much of a good thing yet didn't believe it? Trust me. It's true. For nearly 2 months I've been living on what should be paradise - Magnetic Island, a little patch of wonder 8km off the coast of Townsville, North Queensland. For nearly 2 months I've been working for accommodation with Base Backpackers, a popular hostel set on the beach, beautiful setting but unfortunately an all-out party hostel. Those who know me know that that SHOULD be a ticket for disaster but it's only the last half a month or so that's been killing me. Itchy feet - the urge to continue travelling - and the constant worry of diminishing funds are wrecking havoc with my state of mind. This isn't what I came to Australia to do.

So now my first six months are up and the pressure is on the find my regional work. By the time I leave I'll have one month or there abouts knocked off which still means I've got another 2 months of work to find... Hopefully paid, most likely unpaid. Never mind though, things could be a lot worse right?! I could have no money... Oh wait. 

It's not all been bad though, I've been out exploring somewhat - at least I've been leaving Base which has increased the happiness levels ten fold, I've been watching the old favourite on the island - (cane) toad racing and $10 steaks, I've been out walking a few times, and I got to see one of the prettiest bays - Cockle Bay.

It's all part of the backpacker experience I guess - you take the good AND the bad, right? I'll pick myself up soon enough and all will be right in the world. For now though I need to concentrate on getting my arse off this island and finding some work otherwise my departure date will be significantly closer than the middle of November... 


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