Merry Christmas!

A day late (standard, since when was I good at actually being on time?!) but Merry Christmas to friends all over the world. To those who've recently returned from travelling like I have wasn't it just a wee bit odd to be celebrating Christmas back with family and friends?! How bizarre. So last year I was sunning myself on Fremantle Beach after a delicious meal with the hostel friends, goon fuelled of course. As I remember we all took copious amounts of alcohol to the beach, had the music blaring, the sun was beaming, we were all together, and I went for a dip in the sea complete with Santa hat. Amazing times. Amazing memories. Ones I'll never forget.

Of course this year was going to feel a tad strange. For one it was back to the cold weather and then - as I've been finding this month and a bit I've been home - it's taking a while to adjust to not being around so many crazy people at once. After developing into a bit of a social butterfly whilst travelling (at long last, yay) I'm feeling somewhat deflated not being surrounded by those people at home. It's just post-travel blues married with the feeling of being poor and jobless, I know that. Heck, 2015 will be different.

The run up to Christmas was nice though - I'll admit. I've been seeing friends, catching up on movies, eating way too much food, dying of [wo]man flu, drinking a fair bit (sat here with a glass of Desperados, thank you very much), and just generally having fun. Christmas Eve was lovely - I attended the carol service at one of the local churches, and Christmas Day the mothership and I started on the Prosecco shortly after lunchtime. It was 5 o'clock somewhere in the world right?! Then, as the day progressed, the movies had been watched, and the painkillers nommed for my cold, we had a wander over to a friend's house for dinner with her family. Perfection!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day surrounded by their loved ones :)



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