It's the final countdown…

I can’t get it into my head that in a week (and an hour) I’ll be all checked in for my flight. I’ll have given my mum and my grandad one last final hug, no doubt the tears will be flowing (mental note, must wear waterproof mascara), the dread will have set in (“what am I doing?!”), and then following that the excitement of what lies round the corner. I’ve got to get over the flight first and I am not a good flier by any means. I’m getting worse with age, and what better time to take my first solo flight than two 6-7 hour flights to get to Bangkok. I do have a 3 hour stop in Dubai though which will be nice – Dubai airport is lovely… Maybe not so much at midnight… 

Last night I found myself yearning sleep so badly, but was it happening?! No way. The pre-trip nerves/adrenaline had kicked in and it sparked off some insomnia. Falling asleep listening to the constant whirring of thoughts in my head just wasn’t going to happen. Today would be a good day to go over the endless to-do list, 1.30am is not. Instead of tossing and turning and dwelling on the inevitable I found myself plugging in my earphones, fluffing up the pillows and snuggling down into the duvet, and putting on one of my favourite calming apps where you get to fall asleep to the sound of a thunderstorm. It’s perfect! I set the clock for 30 minutes, ample time for me to drift off, I practised some yogic breathing exercises to try and calm myself down, and I followed the basis of meditation as outlined by Nicola over at Our Little Balham Life. I focused on my breath and my heart beat, ignored the thoughts, and drifted off. Happy days night!

I’ve tried to have a productive morning after waking up feeling quite regenerated. I drank my morning coffee, did a few morning stretches and exercises to wake myself up (and fell flat on my face after attempting 3 ‘proper’ push ups, how embarrassing!), threw myself in the shower after laughing at Simba trying to join me, and actually make myself some breakfast for once. Something that was so second nature a few months ago has been since abused. Green tea, a green juice mixed with chilled green tea (not the nicest I have to say), and three-ingredient protein pumpkin pancakes. Yum yum yum. 

Anyway – must go. Things to be done and sitting here typing away whilst waiting for my pumpkin seeds to roast isn’t getting that check list ticked off… 



  1. Aw, am glad it helped lady!!!! :)
    Such exciting times for you! xxx

  2. How exciting! I reminder the night before my flight to US I didn't sleep at all, I tossed and turned the entire night which was bad enough when I had to be awake at 4am to get over the Heathrow. I remember just working off adrenaline all the way until I stepped onto the plane!



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