Saying yes to Thailand....

You know what? Life is absolutely bloody amazing. Here I am, chilling on a hammock in Pai with a beautiful iced coffee, taking in the surroundings (stunning scenery with the jungle and mountains in the back drop) and counting my blessings. I'm a ridiculously lucky girl to have met some amazing people on my adventure. I've only known the people I'm with since the 20/21st November but I feel so close to them that I just don't ever want to let them go. Maybe that's the sad part of travelling. You get to meet people you click with (and others you don't but that's not relevant is it!) and then a few days later they're gone. I'd like to think that life would allow our paths to cross again but you never know... 

Since being in Thailand I've said yes to practically every opportunity and I actually love myself for it. I guess I've never been one to take a risk and just do something but here... Everything changes. Yes it might mean that my liver is probably a little worse for wear but do I care? 

I haven't been updating as much as I wanted to. I've had the time, sure, but I've just not had the energy. One thing I've found in Chiang Mai is that time doesn't seem to exist. Everything is stationary, life goes by so slowly, no one is bothered, everyone is relaxed, and it's wonderful. Yes my brain is probably turning into some vegetated state but it's all part of the big adventure. It's all part of the reason I came travelling. I want to relax, to enjoy life, meet new people, find my place, and have a bloody good time.

My time in Thailand so far has taught me to relax, that I can feed myself for less than a fiver a day, that I can get away with no makeup whatsoever and feel better for it, that being on my own isn't such a bad thing, that I can drive a scooter (and that bumpy roads at 5kmph means falling off!!), that I can drink every night and not get a hangover, that I'm not as socially awkward as first thought, and that I'm in one of the most beautiful and eye opening countries ever.
The people I've met, the places I've seen, the food I've eaten, I'm having the time of my life. I just wish it could last forever.....xX



  1. It sounds amazing! I'm so jealous. Stay safe and keep having fun!

    1. Aw hun it is amazing - every day I feel so blessed to be doing this... Still not sure about Singapore but never mind - that's just because I'm not a big city girl!! xX

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